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Brittany, France
Zeeland Cruise Port, Netherlands
IJmuiden/Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Signature Group USA, is a Miami, Florida based company representing cruise ports. Our goal is to increase the volume and market share at the member ports. We achieve our goal by promoting the advantages and possibilities of our member ports on a continuous basis. We do provide you immediately with  information regarding a port, and introduce you to the key people in the destination.


We have selected a well developed group of cruise ports who are not only complimentary

to each other, but also will be able to create new routes and respond quickly to the

demand of newly to be developed routes or theme/special interest or charter cruises. 

For cruise lines working with The Signature Group USA, we are an effective way to increase your knowledge (touristic as well as technical) and provide you with updates from the member ports to be able to make a decision on your next or new port of call.


We are committed to sending mailings on a regular basis to you, as well as personally visiting your offices as well as different departments within your company throughout the year to discuss further possibilities for the future. We are present during major trade

shows and will invite you when we have special events from our ports in your city

or during a trade show.



Rene Kitzen




3200 Collins Avenue • Suite 76 • Miami Beach, FL  33140 • Tel: 305.532.1744

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